Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So many different things . . .

I hate cramming so many different events/topics into one post but I haven't had time to blog and today is no exception . . . so I'll just group it all together.

Let's start with this . . . GETTING OUT OF THE HOUSE . . .
As a mom this is one of the hardest things. It takes so much effort to get out of the house. That's usually when I lose my patience, lose my cool, and many times lose my keys. My kids ask questions like; When are we going? Where is my other shoe? Can I take 100 toys? Are we all going? I begin thinking things like; Maybe we should just stay home, Why didn't I get up at 5:00 am instead of 7:00am? How can I get things more organized so everyone is self sufficient? I'm pretty good at planning ahead and being organized but regardless of how prepared I am those last five minutes are just frustrating . . . . BUT once we are out the door it's ALWAYS worth it. On Saturday we decided to take our first SPRING hike!!! It was a beautiful day, there was no exception with our "out the door hassles" but the second we were out and my eyes could capture these moments it reminded me how worth it is to trudge through the hassles. Everyone loved the hike!!

Topic number #2 - I made my friends blog. Check it out . . . remember the blogging friend I said I was going to meet. Well she took pics that day of us and the kids playing and posted them. She has many blog followers and has appeared in some magazines for crafts she's done. She's super talented. Check it out HERE
Next topic . . . On Friday I had a day for me . . . my good friend and I went to an all day Scrapbook Exp. We left at 9am and returned as midnight!! AHHHH!! We scrapped all day, laughed, watched people compete in dance competitions for prizes (my back hurt so I didn't enter the contest, ha!). We were so lucky to have a HS girl that watched the kids until the hubbies returned. The girl even skipped school. (Don't worry her mother knew; she just had electives that day and playing with our kids sounded like more fun to her.) She'll never know how much of a gift she gave us girls until she's a momma. THANKS JORDAN!! That evening the daddies and kids did a hot dog roast in the backyard. No one even missed mommy. I haven't scrapped traditionally since September (the last all day crop) - I've been digital scrapbooking. I worked on Tatum's baby book and did 20 pages!!!!!!!! Here's some of them!

Here's pics from last week's preschool activities . . . I think if I had to name our little home preschool (it's just myself, the twins, and sometimes Tatum if she's up) I'd call it NAKED PRESCHOOL. The twins are always in underwear!
I found two blogs with great preschool activities. Both our linked on the side of my blog. The Crafty Crow and Preschool Daze. You can steal my ideas or check out these blogs. The Preschool Daze goes ALL out - what a fun preschool to attend!
We made rainbows out of pipe cleaners and the foam blocks used for silk flowers. (I'd use styrofoam if I did it again.)

Then one day we did an activity with skittles. They each had a bag of skittles to graph and see which colors they got the most and least. Then they did AB and ABBA patterns with them. They loved doing patterns in their real preschool so they loved doing this. Plus it included candy!

The twins have really started asking about when they'll get to go back to preschool. I think they just miss going to school like Ian does and they miss some of their friends. I miss it too but am enjoying being able to use my creativity and do things with them. These years with them are flying by. It's also fun to see how they both do things a little differently when working on a project.

Just a moment ago they were all doing a Slime Science Kit that Ian had earned and they wanted to smell the slime they were making. I taught them all how a scientist smells something - they waft. It was HILARIOUS watching them all waft the beaker to see if it smells. Science is my LEAST favorite topic but I think it may become my boys favorite. AHHH!

I think I've covered enough topics for one blog. Time to get some things done on my list. More slime is being made I better supervise a little better.


Becca said...

Love the scrapbook pages! Hey, I'm doing a giveaway on my scrapblog! Don't miss it!

Randy Wertenberger said...

Nicole--your kids are ADORABLE! Those hiking pics are precious. I admire you for doing preschool activities at home. It's easy for me to just be lazy, but you inspire me to do more "creative" stuff with my boys :)


Amy said...

Not only am I going to steal some of the preschool activities, I'm also shamelessly stealing some of your scrapbook layouts! Thanks :)

Where was the hike? I need to get Sierra up in the mountains more this year and am always looking for toddler-appropriate hikes.

Jenny said...


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