Monday, March 16, 2009

She did it and it's MY fault!

Tatum cut her hair today!! I'm just sick about it . . . the worst thing is it is totally my fault. She loves to cut, tape, glue etc. just like the big boys. She was cutting at the counter while I was doing stuff in the kitchen and then she finished and started coloring. The crazy thing is before she even started cutting I thought to myself "I should pull her hair back because one of these days she's gonna cut it." I actually thought that but I guess got distracted because I didn't pull her hair back. I then decided to jump through the shower real quick. . . no harm right?? YES HARM . . . I forgot to put the scissors away, I left them on the counter!! What kind of a mother am I?? I got out of the shower and checked on her only to hear her say, "See mommy I cut hair." AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! It was a lot of hair. I sort of screamed and put my hand over my mouth (I don't know where Tatum gets her drama from do you?). She wasn't sure if she was suppossed to laugh at my response or not! At first glance it wasn't that bad. She cut herself some bangs and looked like she angled it down onto the side. I was thinking, "okay, I didn't want bangs but at least she didn't chop it to her scalp, for a two year old she did a pretty good job."

After a little more looking I decided it was worse than I had thought. She REALLY angled it . . . looked like she was in the beginning stages of a mullet.

I started lifting the hair and OH MY, it got worse!! How will I do all the cute hairstyles I've been doing. I know it will grow back! That's what I've been telling myself all morning.

What would it have looked like if I would have taken a long shower . . . I didn't even wash my hair - - I would have had clean hair and she would have had no hair. I shudder thinking about it!
We went to the libray and SHE WORE A HAT!!! Thank goodness she likes them. I guess we'll have to make our FIRST hair appointment. I had dreams of that first hair appointment with her, I know I'm sounding dramatic, but it was suppossed to be a trim and NO bangs! AHH!
Don't worry I didn't take these pictures right after it happened, I didn't want her to think we were having a photo shoot of her beautiful hair.
The princess is sleeping now and I think I'll take the opportunity to clean out the junk drawer and remove all scissors incase she wants to finish her job!


Monica said...

I so know how you feel...and do remove all scissors. I hate to admit it but 3 years later I still don't leave scissors around for Rylee. Just be thankful you didn't have to spike her hair up like I did for Rylee BOTH TIMES!!! I so feel for you!!! Love ya! It will grow back, just not as fast as you may want it too!

Heather said...

Tatum, I still think your the cutest thing in the whole world!!! We missed you guys all week! See you soon!

Lisa said...

When I was little my brother cut a chunk of my bangs all the way to my scalp. I had a short haircut after that for awhile. So far Addison hasn't done this, but it's a good reminder for me to watch her closely with the scissors! Tatum is still beautiful, even if her hair is a little uneven!

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