Monday, January 5, 2009

Climbing out of my funk!

I've been in a FUNK all weekend - grumpy, irritable, and just down! For all of you that always ask, "How do you do it Nicole?" well, I don't always do it well. This weekend was one of those weekends where mom wasn't up to par! It could be for any of these reasons . . .

- husband out of town all weekend
- plate too full
- house needs cleaning
- PMS (the truth is this is probably the real problem, ha!)
- depressed from leaving family 1000 miles away (I'm always lonely when I come
home from being with family, it reminds me just how far away we are from them
and how much they miss out on our kids lives and how much we miss out on their
- freezing weather outside

Well, it's MONDAY and I'm climbing out of my funk! I've been ATTACKING my upstairs all morning (I'll attack the downstairs another day). It's amazing how a clean house can brighten your day! I'm not an anal cleaner and I'd rather spend time organizing my space than cleaning it but it was in REAL need after all our holiday stuff. The house cleaner hasn't been showing up to do her job!! I guess I'll just take her check. HA!! HA!! Jas, this is your hint so when you come home today you could say, " WOW, the house is so clean. You must be superwoman; you cleaned all this AND took care of kids." or something like that!! Actually let's turn it into a game and see if you can find three things I cleaned that I don't normally clean!!?? I usually forget that tall people see areas in the house that aren't on my normal cleaning list! I'm so glad I'm not tall, it would just make my cleaning list longer!

With all this talk of cleaning let's not lose sight of one of my favorite quotes (I've posted it before) "Cleaning the house before your kids are done growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing!" For today I had to turn that quote over on my fridge so I could stay focused on my task at hand. Tomorrow I'll turn it around for that great reminder!!!

Enough for today . . . back to cleaning! Happy MONDAY!


jasonq said...

"WOW, the house is so clean. You must be superwoman; you cleaned all this AND took care of kids?! You're amazing..." (oh wait - I haven't even made it home yet - but this counts, right?)

BeckyRos said...

Glad to find your blog! Wish we were closer so we could be more family-like to you guys as you've been to us! Could you move your whole family downtown please!!!???

Randy Wertenberger said...

Great quote! I've never heard that before...what a good reminder (and good excuse to not have the house clean!) -Amy

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