Thursday, January 8, 2009


Another FIRST at our place . . . Ian's FIRST basketball game AND Jason as coach. It was so fun to watch! They had a 20 minute practice and then it was game time!! Jason was a little worried at how he was going to get 10 five and six year olds ready to play a game in 20 minutes. They did it and it was so funny. Each team got a coach out on the court during the game to help, so by the end of the night Jas was tired! (This wasn't Fairview, OK ball where the kids have been coached in school PE class. This was a first for them all.)

Ian's number 15 (Uncle Jeremy's number)! He was so excited; he did a lot of jumping around being excited and trying to remember where to be and what to do. He wasn't a ball hog, he was just excited for everyone. It's so funny to watch! Have I said that yet in this post?? He did great !! He did great dribbling and passing! They each wore colored wrist bands so they'd know who to guard. At one point Ian made it down the court long before the guy he was supposed to be guarding did, he looked back and motioned for the guy to come to him! It was so funny! Each team scored a point for the other team too! The league doesn't focus on the score but I kept score . . . every kid wants to know if they won or lost right? We won 10 to 9!

It was such a fun moment to watch my oldest play ball! I hope these years go SLOW and that this was the first of MANY games I get to cheer at!!!!!

Look at that boy . . . his feet and hands are so big!

The first video is the first minutes Ian was out on the court.

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DSneezy said...

Hey Nicole!!
I love your blog, I miss you!! Wish we could spend more time together.. Got a little depressed looking at your son's teachers blog. Then decided to choose joy and be happy in my shortcomings. :) Hope you're officially out of your funk, I'm on my way out of mine! It's so funny how every January seems to bring the same tidings. Love ya!

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