Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow and other stuff!

The view from my porch this morning! Winter has set in. We've had a few other short snow storms this season but mostly we've had an amazing Fall. That was a nice treat because last winter was SOO long. I think we had our first snow in September and we had our last snow storm May 1st! Crazy!

Off to school with snow boots on! I think it's so cool that kids wear snow boots to school, this was obviously not apart of my school years in Houston!

Ian wasn't home from school but 30 minutes and he was ready to go out to play. He cracks me up because he is so content to play by himself. He was out there having a ball. Thankfully the twins were more interested in playing inside and Tatum was happy to watch him from the window. I know I should have taken her out but it was COLD! If the sun would have at least been shinning on the snow maybe I could have found some energy to do that whole snow thing!

Tatum's new phrase all the time is "Look at that!" "Look at this!" or "Look at me!". She's all into putting her blanket or a dish rag or anything on her head. I keep asking her if she's being Mary but we really aren't sure what she's pretending to be. She's also been wearing her Christmas shoes since I bought them! $11 shoes and she's thrilled, that's my girl!!

Her other new thing this week is to not want to go to bed at night and to not want to lay down for a nap. It's GREAT timing for holiday traveling and sleeping in different beds!! AHHH! I'm hoping it's a "this week" phase and we'll be to normal next week. I can dream can't I?

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