Tuesday, December 16, 2008


IT CAME!! Yesterday my FIRST Digital Scrapbook was delivered and I was so excited I was screaming. Carter and Coleson thought is was so funny. I was SO nervous to open it and look at it. I LOVE it. I only found two typos and I figure that's great! I just started digital scrapbooking in November and decided to take on scrapbooking our Hawaii Anniversary trip. It was so fun to learn something new. I took a class and had a girlfriend from church help me out. I won't quit traditional scrapbooking because I still really enjoy that but this is fun and will really help me catch up. I used a little different style in this book than I'll probably use for my family books but again it was fun to try something new. I'm going through a company called Heritage Makers. They are from here in Utah and have so much to offer. I'm so excited it came in time for me to take it to show my family over Christmas. I posted the link so you can check out my finished product!

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Heidi said...

I wanted to check out your book, but the link wasn't working. Could you repost it- I'd love to check it out, especially now that I'm digital scrapping I could use some ideas!!

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