Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I shouldn't be doing this!

I shouldn't be doing this.
I shouldn't be doing this.
But I am . . . I have a list of things that HAVE to be done by noon and on the list it says . ..
IF TIME-blog
I don't have time but I'm doing it anyways!
We had Christmas on Monday with the kids and it was a perfect day, if you can have one of those as a normal family!! It snowed ALL day, we stayed in pjs almost all day, the kids were happy, grateful, and honestly didn't whine or fight for 95% of the day!! Jason and I kept saying, "they are doing so good". I guess that's the results when you focus on them all day, don't have a list of things to do or places to go, and you give them a few new toys!!

Taters LOVED her bubbles from Carter and her favorite gift . . . . the scary looking baby doll from the $ store that Coleson bought her. The head is starting to fall off and it's only 48 hours later but she's hanging onto that thing. She really was the most fun to watch her open gifts, she squealed, hugged the boxes and everything. The excitement was just what you want to see when you try to pick out the best gifts for your kids.
Our lego crazed boys all got a Star Wars Lego Set!! I LOVE LEGOS!! So worth every penny. Jas was deep in legos for most of the day, he helped each kid build their set. They all were so happy building thier sets . . . just check out these smiles. I think they love the one on one with dad as much as the building.

Coleson had his apart by nighttime and had built a whole different version of the model. That's the fun of legos!!

GUITAR girl! It even sings "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". She rocked out right away. While Jason built legos I did a few jam sessions myself! I told Jason I have been a "hairbrush singer" in my past! HA!

We got out in the snow, we got like 10 inches in a day.
Tatum didn't like the blowing snow so she went in the garage and reappeared with this!
Our hills to sled on got bigger and bigger. I love sledding in the front yard instead of the day long torture on a hill with little kids.

We ended the day with our Christmas Dinner but this year instead of being dressed up from coming home from church, most of us were still in our pjs! Isn't that great??

It was a good day and today we are back to whining, impatience, fighting, and being excited for what's ahead! Back to the LIST!!

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Jenny said...

Sounds like ya'll had a wonderful day hope you enjoyed your trip to see the Glanzer crew...would love to catch up once things have settled down from the holidays!!jen

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