Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Delivering the goods!

Last night we delivered the gifts we've been working on all week. It was time to get them out of the house because we were all gaining weight with this project! We made Cookie dough, rolled them into balls so they were ready to bake and then packaged them in containers with a bow on them. I saw the idea in a magazine and thought it was a different, fun idea. It's always nice to have dough ready to throw in the oven for fresh cookies! It was good to get the kids out for a little walk last night but it wasn't without some crying, falling, complaining, and arguing. It was a wonderful 15 minutes. HA!! We forgot the gloves so some of us had cold hands. The road was slick in spots and everyone had specific people they wanted to deliver their package too. Tatum cracked me up . . . . Cinderella dress and Thomas the Tank Engine Snow boots. The twins didn't even have shirts on under their coats! We looked like quite the family walking down the street!

I made some for the ladies I work with at church and I added a red cookie spatula . . . . only I forgot to add the spatula and realized it after giving them the gift today. I told them tomorrow I'd have spatula on there desk. So much for my creative idea!! It was a nice thought!

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