Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blue Light Special!

Blue Light Special! That's what Jason announced when he came home with a purchase that he was VERY proud of!! He bought a dim blue light bulb and a timer. The lamp is set in the boys room for 7:00 AM. The rule is . . . if you awake and the blue light is on it's "Wake Up TIME" and you can get out of bed. If you awake and the bulb is not on, keep on sleeping or just hang out in your bed. Of course the one exception is to go potty but then it's back to bed!! Isn't he a smart dad??? The clock idea just didn't work with the twins and we needed something a little more noticeable. We tried it last night and I heard Ian say right at 7:00 "Yes, we can get up!" HA! He's not the problem with getting up early but ever since we got on a "school" schedule for Ian the twins have been up much earlier but not really "ready" for a happy day if you know what I mean! Steal the idea if you have early risers!! I'll let you know if it works long term!


MKTaylor said...

where did you get the digital timer? We tried this with Hudson, but the timer was not digital and never really kept time accurately. I would LOVE to get a new timer so let me know where you got it... really where Jason got it : )


Becca said...

Wow! I am seriously impressed with this idea! Way to go Jason! I am going to have to store this in my memory for hopefully a couple years down the road!

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