Monday, September 8, 2008


I DID IT!! Today I went flying . . . para gliding! It was so much fun! Believe it or not it was not scary at all! Of course last week I did what all moms do when they start to worry about what ifs . . . I wrote in all of my kid's journals that I keep for them. Just wanted to make sure they were all updated with a note from mom. HA!!

The only part that I was nervous about was the take off but it was great. You just run and the wind picks you up . . . no jumping off a cliff or anything. Then it's like you are in a lounge chair in the air enjoying all of God's creation from a great seat! It was BEAUTIFUL!! Their were over 35 other gliders in the air with us. I was in the air for 30 minutes and we got high enough to see both sides of the mountain. We were around 1700 feet up. We live in a gorgeous state! Then on our way down he did some spirals and things. I of course screamed out of excitement! He said he hasn't ever had someone scream so much during that. I told him that was all part of the fun!! My stomach was a little queasy from the spirals but other than that it was all great! It was a great experience. The guy took some pics of us while we were up in the air and is going to bring me the disc. I'll post those pics when I get them!

Thanks for the birthday present Jas, I love it that you keep life exciting! Thanks for encouraging me to stay adventurous! I love you! The only thing that could have made this a better adventure is if you would have been flying with me!


Heather said...

AHHH that is soo cool! I wish I could have been there to see you! I love all the pictures! It looks like so much FUN!!!

Nicole said...

You're awesome! What a cool mama you are. :)

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