Saturday, July 12, 2008

Best Dino Day Ever!

We had the best dino day today! We went to a Dinosaur Park about an hour north of us. If you live around here and have at least one dinosaur fan in your house you've GOT TO go to this place. It's so different from other dinosaur museums, trust me, we'd know! About 3/4th of it is outdoor trails/paths with life size dinosaurs tucked away among the trees! They look amazing! It was like going on a dinosaur hike. Then they had an educational building with a classroom full of dinosaur activities. We spent an hour in there, the kids all loved doing the different activities. Next time we have visitors, especially if cousin Josh or Dinosaur Lover Weston comes out, we'll have to go again! Anybody notice the Jurassic Park music??

The sign describes the boys well!!

We thought this looked like the DINO TWINS ganging up on the bigger dinosaur!
This dino looks like he's eyeing you!
Me and my DINO BOYS!
Even Tatum liked the Dinos! When we first got there she kept pointing at them
and making faces.

Carter is by far the most dramatic one when he "becomes" a dinosaur! He really gets into character and doesn't break his role for awhile. It's hilarious to watch. I should have been videoing him instead of taking still shots!
Coleson makes a mean dino too! Notice the exact claws he's making with this fingers. That's always my signal when they are rough housing if they are boys or dinosaurs. . . it's all in the claws!
Dinosaur classroom!!
Here's another mean dino! I think he's been the teacher for the twins when it comes to all dino things!! Of all days, Ian's camera battery died! I let him take a few with my new camera, I'm afraid he's starting to notice the extreme difference between his camera and mine!!

This fun day was a result of s good idea I got from a lady at church. I was telling her how we've been trying to work on good super hero behavior at our house and she shared something she did when her kids were little. . . . we copied her idea. We assigned each kid a color of pom pom balls and called them Super Hero balls. Then occasionally Jason and I would tell the kids the different Super Hero things we saw the kids doing and they would get their color ball for each things we noticed. Then they'd all put them in a jar. Together as a group they were trying to fill the jar. The result of a full jar was a Family Day at the Dinosaur Park (we've been wanting to go to this place since we moved here). . . so three months after starting our goal we got to go! Now we are trying to come up with another fun adventure to work towards as a family! I love getting good ideas from moms so I thought I'd pass this one on!

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