Friday, June 27, 2008


We took off for a short one night camping trip this week. We just went up the mountain 30 minutes and found a great spot! We had a good time but I spent the first several hours mad that I didn't have a camera. I took a few pictures with Ian's camera but the subjects have to be very still to capture a picture with his camera so needless to say picture taking was frustrating so I gave up. I did get a couple shots, I posted them! Ian could tell I was frustrated on the way there so he told me, "Mommy you can use my camera and maybe for Christmas or for your birthday I'll buy you a new camera." Don't kids say exactly what we say to them!! Ian has such a sweet heart. Back to camping . . . I laugh at how much work it takes to camp for one night! We packed the truck out!! We all had a good time! The boys absolutely LOVE sleeping in the tent so by 6:00 they are asking to get ready for bed! The boys all wanted to tell stories in the tent so we listened to every one's story. Jason finally told a rather long complicated bible story, sorry Jas, and all three boys fell asleep. He told the story of Samson and Delilah and it ended sort of gruesome so he laughed when he finished and said it was probably good they didn't hear the end of that story. The last time we camped Tatum was barely crawling so it was a totally different experience for her this time. She LOVED it and got very dirty! The jury is still out if I'm able to get her clothes clean. With all of us sleeping in the same tent she wasn't sure how to fall asleep. She kept standing up telling everyone "hi". Our morning started at 6:00am with kids excited to awake in a tent! We did a short hike and then headed home. It was a nice getaway and as always the food was GREAT . . . when else do you eat bacon like they were chips! Late that night Jason texted our friend that told us about this campsite and told him we were having a good time, the kids were asleep and we wish we had our own tent. His wife's response was hilarious. She said, "They wanted their own tent so they had four kids, now they have four kids and they want their own tent!" Isn't that funny?!

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