Monday, April 14, 2008

Carter Carter!

This past weekend I spent the day with Carter having his elbow x-rayed. Friday night he jumped off of a table at church in his classroom. Of all the things my boys have jumped off of a small table is what he got hurt on! Crazy! The Dr. was pretty sure it was broken but we were so thankful when the x-rays came back showing no broken or fractured bones. It was just bruised. They put him in a splint and wrapped the arm and he's supposed to wear it for several days while it heals. He's been doing great with it. He doesn't care for the sling at ALL, he's rather just carry that heavy arm around. I think another full day wearing it and he may not need it any more. We'll see. He was such a charmer though in the Dr.'s office. He talked to all those ladies and wasn't scared a bit. He told them he was four! I was just so thankful and relieved when it wasn't broken. I don't know how we would have managed 6 weeks in a cast! With three active boys I'm sure this won't be the last time we are doing x-rays on bones!! I'm already praying about it.

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HeatherK said...

you have the CUTEST kids!!! Thanks again for taking care of my girls last night!!! I OWE you! and... I won't forget. So are we on for scrapbooking this Saturday? call me! THANKS AGAIN!

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