Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Huge Day - Birthdays and Back to School

HUGE day here.
Two NINE year olds and four kids start a new school year at a new school.
All were excited and equally nervous.
I'm so proud of them! 
I can't wait to hear how their days went - this momma was so nervous for them and has been praying for them all day, as well as enjoying the quiet.
Can you hear it? I can hear myself think again.


I can't even believe they are nine. Seriously where is the time going? 
We have neighbors with twin boys that are two and a half - when I see them I just want to cry and go back in time!! 
These two boys have determination, compassion, wit and they know how to ask great questions. 
They don't miss a beat. They are taking all of life in that's for sure.
Here's to an awesome year of being NINE!! 
Love you boys!!


I don't know what it is with me and school shoes pictures but I love them. 

All were excited that we get to walk to school now.
Birthday boys walking and talking - made my momma heart happy!!
They are in the same class this year.
The last two years they were in different classes. 
We'll see how this goes!

The whole staff is outside cheering them on as they come on the first day of school! Very neat. 
Helped with nerves. 

Had to stop for a quick pick with the morning mountains in the background! 

And this would be the view as Jas and I walk back home from school.

A new year and new path for us too.
What will 2013-2014 school year hold?
Here's to a great school year for all!!


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Cindy Bartel said...

Love the pictures! The kids are growing and changing in looks! Great bunch of kiddos you have! Your family is in our prayers!

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