Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Baby Nate

Today my heart is heavy for our friends.

(This August at a wedding in Utah)

(This was 3 years ago right before we moved. This was pre-kids for them. When we lived in UT Jason was the high school youth pastor and Phil was the Jr High youth pastor. They worked closely together.
Who would have known at that time the pain that they'd walk through?)

Today is the funeral for their 8 month old little boy that passed away in the night last week.
I posted this on face book last week so many of you have seen it.
He was a beautiful baby boy!
He was born on Jason's birthday; we thought that was cool - Leap year baby!!

Today they celebrate his short life.
I'm not there physically but my heart is and thankfully with technology I will be to be there via the computer.
Jason is there and has orders to deliver my hug, my tight full of tears and love hug, to Melissa.

Here is a link to his obituary in the Salt Lake Tribune.

Our friends are strong.
They are amazing.
They believe in a BIG GOD.
But they are in pain.
Deep grief.
Pray for them.
Pray for Ella, their 3 year old little girl that misses her brother.
I'm asking God to help us/me to remember to pray for them after the funeral, after the last person leaves, after the meals stop coming .... because their pain may take different forms but it won't ever go away.

We love you Phil and Melissa and join you in your tears and pain.

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Dana said...

Continuing to pray and will continue to pray. So heavy. Thanks for posting.

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