Friday, October 26, 2012

Random thoughts from the Couch

So today I've spent the majority of my day on the couch.
Kids had the day off and I felt like I had a touch of a flu bug or something.
We enjoyed a lazy day.
Enjoyed is really a weird description of our day - I don't feel good but somehow knowing I didn't have to make a million arrangements so that I could lay around made it enjoyable.
I've seen enough Transformers Cartoons for the rest of my life but since we have one tv and it's in the main room this momma on the couch didn't get to watch mom shows.

Around dinner time I said, "What am I going to make for dinner?"
Tatum said: I'll make dinner.
Me: Ok.

While she was "cooking" Coleson walked in the kitchen and said, "What are you doing?"
Tatum: I'm making dinner for us.
Coleson: Oh thanks. Good idea.

She called the twins and I out to eat and this is what we had.
No one said a word. It was as if they were hoping I'd make meat, pepperoni, a piece of bread and chips.
I'm not sure why I stress over ideas for dinner.

Out of boredom - that's insane that I just used that word - I started looking through the photos on my camera from the past month or so.

Found some pretty Fall ones to share.

I love aspen trees.
They bring back such peaceful good memories of driving through the mountains in Utah.
We'd take the big Alpine Loop drive and those aspen trees were everywhere.
They always looked like they had eyes looking back at you.
We have an aspen on our preschool playground - and I love that tree.
After class the other day I stepped out to photograph it.

A couple weeks ago while I was in Hobby Lobby for a few specific things I saw this lone vase.
Only one.
An aspen vase.
So unique and screamed "I was waiting here for you Nicole."
It was even 50% off.
I'd say it was a miracle - but everything is always on sale at Hobby Lobby.
Anyways, I bought it and now I can enjoy the aspen all year long.

I took down some things on my entryway wall way back in Spring and finally this month got them rearranged on the wall.
(The foot picture is from our family photo shoot awhile back with Meg. The print is from the Craft Weekend I helped with. )

This month I also hung this on the wall.

Again, it's been waiting since Spring for me to frame it.
Decided not to frame - just ridiculously to expensive.
Went cheap ... it's on a backing type board with a protective film and I velcroed it up.
Looks great and the words are exactly the message I want my children to see everyday. (and me)

I was going to take a picture highlighting my favorite line on the print but I can't.
Too many favorites.

 Be a Giver.

Love Jesus.
Encourage your siblings. . . SHARE IN THEIR JOY

Dance crazy. 

Be Grateful.

Aren't the words just perfect?
They come in all colors.
(Warning: it's a weird size so you won't find a frame to purchase unless you are ok with a poster frame; otherwise it's custom; or get creative like I did.)

If you come over you will now be welcomed with this bright sign . . . 
I spray painted it.
Again - velcro.
It's happy.

I bought it here.
I also bought these there.
I have so many ideas for words to write on them.

So far I've just painted one side with chalk board paint.
Still need to do something with the other side.

These were my "birthday buys" back in my birthday month.
It makes me smile to have them out now.

I think it's getting close to being my turn to pick what to watch on tv.

Have a happy weekend !


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