Monday, September 17, 2012

The Catch Up Blog Post

Today I've worked out.
Today I've worried about more than one child.
Today I've done a ton of little things that add up to big things.
Today I've pushed aside some things in my heart I don't know what to do with yet.
Today I'm listening to the Adele play station on Pandora.
Today I'm reminded of the definition of patience that I taught my kids when they were little "Patience means to wait CALMLY." I'm trying.
Today I WILL be going into the black hole in our house aka, "Tatum's room".
Today I'm praying for my man who has the hardest seminary semester yet to date on his plate.
Today I'm reminded that so many of my problems are FIRST WORLD problems.
Today I'm finally blogging after weeks of blog silence.

This is the Catch Up Blog Post.
I have a new nephew .... 
August 8
I could not be happier for them.
I can not wait to meet him in a couple weeks.
We sent him what every boy needs ... Under Armor wear!

Jason and Ian went on their Father Son Camp out.
We decided when each kid turns double digits they get a camp out with Dad. 
So thankful for the investment Jason makes with each of our kids.

They did a 5+ hour Kayake trip down the Nibraro River. (Northern Nebraska)
They hiked, explored, cooked, laughed, talked, acted like boys and created memories that only they will treasure.

I've started up at Preschool again.
You can check out the happenings on my preschool blog. The link is on the side of my blog. "THe Very Hungry Preschoolers."
This is my favorite pic from the year so far.

Football Started
Ian - tackle (first year)
Twins- flag 

I have no idea what is happening in any of the pictures to come. 
I'm trying to learn.
I just don't know football well but I'll cheer for anything my kids are in!!

Go Carter.
Go Coleson.
Go Ian.

Flag . . . 
 This is Carter.

Coleson (in black)

They are the boys on each end.

The sisters cheer!
My niece Jada and Tatum


I could cry looking at this picture ... I know that's not a football thing to do . . . but he looks so big to me. So grown. 


Having him get a chance to play sports with his cousin is awesome.
I love watching Josh play.

I turned 35.
Celebrated the best way imaginable ....
A full day with my husband.
Nothing better.
He truly is my best friend.
Went to a movie in the middle of the day. . . 

 Celebrating in the morning with the kids.

Night out with girlfriends.
Celebrated both our birthdays -- love this girl !!!

The girl is now gone all day for school.
I miss her.
Yes I'm getting stuff done but I miss her.
Her teacher is a lucky gal.

Coleson has taken up archery with his own $.
He's so proud.
He's such a little man.

Can you find the arrow in the air?

Corn Harvest has begun.
My "corn fence" around the house is gone.

Harvest is a very busy time of year but when I get past that I do like it.
I like the sights and sounds and the changing of seasons.
For so many around here this is their livelihood; their careers, their passion.
I like seeing people live that out.

Maybe it won't be so long till next time I blog . . . 


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Kimberlee said...

Goodness I've missed you!

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