Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the man I'm crazy about !!

He's nine this year.
So cool to be born on such a unique day.
He's the same age as Ian is now.
They'll be the same age for 3 months - funny.
Check out this pic.

Jason's mom blew this picture of him up at age nine.
The resemblance is scary.
Ian even tucked his shirt in and tried to give the same smile and look.
Hilarious to me.

Our friends had a baby today !! Isn't that cool?! That kid will forever have a very special day - every four years! :)) Congrats Phil and Melissa!

We've had a great day getting our brains rocked by so many speakers at the Verge conference.

Ate some amazing good food.
Now we are at the coolest coffee bar I've ever seen.

It's a coffee/wine bar.
Jason has tons of seminary work so we are camping out here while he works.
It's beautiful and so relaxing.
Great place to wrap up a day.

It's a nice place to end his birthday -- (even if he has to study).


1 comment:

Lynette said...

So glad you guys could have some time away, have a great conference and on Jason's B-day! Love you both!

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