Monday, February 6, 2012

Do you ever?

Do you ever get jealous?
Like the green ugly type that crawls up in ya and you just want to scream?
Maybe I'm the only one.
It's not my everyday crutch; I've got others but every now and again this one creeps in.
It creeped tonight.
Full on pounced on me.

So I'm doing my stuff and I decide to check "real quick" if any of my regular blogs updated.
I clicked over to WHATEVER and read through Meg's post super quick.
I saw she was speaking at a conference called SNAP.
I had never heard of it so I thought I'd see what it was.
That's when it happened.
I saw the location.


If you were my husband reading this it would be enough said.
He knows how I'm feeling right about now.

It's the intersection where we lived.
Like 1.6 miles from our old house - or something like that.
Like the same intersection with the gas station where I got my Dr. Pepper fountain drink fix.
When people needed directions, we'd say, "We are right by Thanksgiving Point ".
It's the intersection that we moved to out of a leap of faith - in so many ways.
Not knowing what we had moved by when we moved there we found Thanksgiving Point.
Thanksgiving Point is an amazing little gem at the point of the mountain where Salt Lake and Utah Counties collide.
Thanksgiving Point - the place we frequented movies, killed countless hours at the Dinosaur museum, walked the paths of the winding gardens, spent nights with friends, went on dates and I could go on and on . . .
I'm having to hold myself back from going into my archive and looking at pictures of the kids at the Tulip Festival - oh girls it's a site.
I immediately forgot about the conference Meg was talking about.
I don't even know what it's about yet.
I was in that place.
Place of jealously.
It happens.

(All you Utah peeps, check out the SNAP conference. Go say hi to Meg. She's a blast - tell her I said hello.)



Lisa said...

I'm sorry. I struggle with this at times too. The one that creeps in on me is when my friends all get to go do something and leave their kids with family, and since we have no family here... Praying for you, your family and your future!

Cindy Bartel said...

Thanksgiving Point brings back memories for me, too! I remember spending time there with your family when we came to visit you in Utah!

Phil & Melissa Wiebe said...

as i started reading your blog this morning... i was nodding my head and totally agreeing... thanks for sharing your heart. praying for you and jason.
blessings nicole!

Lynette said...

Ummmmm... Yes! Like when I see beautiful pics of my neices and nephews and I am a BAZILLION miles away! I am feeling your pain sister! Praying! I love you!

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