Friday, August 5, 2011

Outdoor Movie Party

We have three summer birthday boys in our house.
One of them kicks the summer off and the other two close out the summer.
Since living by family we have always tried to get the family together to celebrate each big day but this year we tried something new.
We went for one big family party for all three boys and did it in between the two birth dates.

We went with an Outdoor Movie Party and it was such a blast to plan and throw.
All six of us got into it.
The boys made signs for everything and loved setting out the candy for the concession stands.
They found things around the house to use for it all.
Jas was all things tech.
And we loved having the music play outside all day.

Before hand each family was given tickets and play money to use at the concession stands.
The role playing was so much fun for the kids - I think some adults liked it too.
Who doesn't like pretending?

Tatum was yelling "Tickets" the second people drove up.
Carter was so into the concession stand that even when the movie started he told Jason, "I think I'll put my chair right here incase someone needs something during the movie. " Ha.
We made it a "Self Serve" stand once the movie started.

 I love the look on Grandma's face. She is THRILLED to be "playing along" with the kids. She's such a good Grandma.

It was a simple night . . . lawn games (waiting for it to get dark), spontaneous dancing, cake pops, concession stands, and a movie!

Having cousin Austin there and Aunt Lynette was an extra birthday bonus treat for the boys!

My favorite ideas were the CAKE POPS - which were SO much fun to make and I couldn't get over the COLOR -  loved them 
(My boys reaction to them when I showed them the final product was all a momma ever needs to hear!)

AND the Mix Your Own Drink idea.
I thought it would be fun for kids to mix their own drink - kind of like a science experiment. It was hot so I thought water was a good idea, it was sugar free (i thought it might balance out all the candy sugar - ha!), and the drinks all had lids on them so there wasn't any spilling while watching the movie.
This is an idea I'll have to repeat.

I hope we can do this again and invite a bunch of families. It was a very fun night.
Happy Birthday Summer Boys!

Added after the original post:
Recipe for Cake Pops:
Make a cake. Any cake. Chocolate/White/Lemon/Red Velvet  . . . whatever you like.
Let it cool.
Then crumble the cake completely up.
Add 3/4th container or white frosting. I'm sure you could make your own frosting. I just bought it. Don't know exact measurements.
Stir it all up good.
Make ball shapes of it.
I use my freshly washed hands - it's just easier.
Put them on something that can go into the freezer. They can touch; it's ok.
Freeze them.
I froze mine most of the day.
I made the cake and cake balls in the am and did the decorating at night.
When you take them out of the freezer put sticks in them.
The sticks are optional but make dipping them easier.
Then you melt chocolate in the microwave.
I've used almond bark in the past.
This time I used little melt chips that my good friend Jaime suggested.
You can buy white and color them or you can by them in colors.
Then dip them in the chocolate and let the excess drip off.
The chocolate dries quick so if you want to add sprinkles do it right away.
You can let it dry quick and then set them on wax paper.
You can remove the stick to just have little balls for people to pick up.
That's what I've always done in the past but this time I wanted them to look like lollipops.
I bought a rectangular piece of styrofoam type stuff in the crafts asile and stuck them in that. I wanted to display them in this.
I've seen them sticking up in containers of jelly beans or something.
For the spiral stuff on them you just use a different color chocolate and drizzle it on with a frosting bag or ziplock bag with a small whole in the corner.
You can get super fancy I'm sure.
The color combos are unending.
You can also buy them from many bakeries and local food gals!  (Hint Hint: my friend Jamie occasionally offers some. Everything she makes is amazing!)
Have fun.


Kimberlee said...

What a great birthday party idea!
I may have to do this someday...will it cool off by October???? :)

Cindy Bartel said...

I wish I was your kid!

Lynette said...

We had an absolute blast! We are so thankful we could share in the fun! We love the Boys... and the rest of the family :)!

Nicole said...

That is awesome Nicole! It looks like it was a perfect weather day too. If you don't mind could you share the cake recipe?

Hayley said...

Oh my! So fun! Can I come next time? Happy birthday to your boys.

ang said...

Soooo stinkin cute!!! Looks like you all had a blast!!!

Sweet Pea said...

What a fun idea! You always come up with such unique ideas! Love it!

Sara W said...

What a fabulous party! Your cake pops are absolutely gorgeous - I'm hungry just looking at them.

mackyton said...

Amazing outdoor movie party. Looking for some free time as will have an outdoor movie plan with my family. Also these days quite busy in looking for best corporate event planners for my office event. Any idea?

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