Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Last weekend my cousin got married.
The location was prime.
Tatum was my date.
My date was rather excited about the event.
I think this event sort of made our future more difficult . . . we were only there a little while when she said, "I want to get married here someday."
She now has fireworks, boat rides, and sand on her list.
At one point she said, "I will just get married ON a boat."
She took it all in.
As we stood in line she said, "Everyone looks so beautiful."
I think her favorite part though was the cake.
It was outside and screamed for taking some shots of Tatum, so while we waited in between the ceremony and the reception I snapped a few pics while she was running around playing.

(I love this one because this is what she does with her tongue all the time.)

I loved how the decor was simple yet stunningly beautiful.
As it got dark Tatum and I were out on the boat ride so we got to see the tent lit up.

(my aunt and my mom)

(Some of the pics of the wedding my mom took - we were sharing a camera.)

The night before the wedding Coleson was my date for the rehearsal dinner.
Sadly I didn't have my camera so I have no pics of the cutest date there.
He had a rockin' hair style going.
While they gave toasts and talked I looked at his notepad and realized he was drawing the bride and groom with their glasses in the air - complete with lemons on the glass.
He gave them to the bride and groom afterwards.
Very cute.
As we walked out he said, "I'm so glad I didn't seem them kiss."

It was a weekend of good dates with my little peeps.

And a great couple is now starting their life off together!
Congrats Nick and Roxanne.



Jenna said...

Fun to offically meet you there.

Phil & Melissa Wiebe said...

How fun.. and yes..that wedding set the bar higher for tatum.... what will be the cool thing when she gets married?? wait?! what am i saying... i don't want to think about that.... ella will be right behind her.... ahhh!!!
love you!

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