Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This morning I REALLY feel like journaling but I don't know what to say.
I guess that's called writer's block.
I've been thinking of this.
"You God, are my God." (Psalms 63:1)
There is a part of God I don't even have to share.
He's MY God.
This was a little side note snuck into one of the messages from the Beth Moore conference.
I tucked it away in me.
I like it.
I'm really close with my guy.
Like really close.
Can't think of what I don't share with him.
Things run really deep with us.
That's good - that's great.
But even in that relationship there is a part of God that is just for me.
As a mom of four it's a no brainer that I share most things.
I even share my new water bottle at times (though I try not too).
That's serious sharing for me.
I mean what mom doesn't feel like she's sharing every part of her with everyone on most days?
I'm refreshed to know that in all my closeness with my guy and my kids there is this unique place, a part of me, Nicole, that is just for me and God.
There's a part of me that God understands to a depth I can't even comprehend.
He understands what I'm experiencing even when I can't write it.
That's cool.

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