Friday, May 20, 2011

Just Like That

Just like that it's over.
Schools out.
No more kindergartners.
No more 3rd grader.
Not sure what I think about all that.
Next year life will be much different.

On to something else.
We seem to have some critters that want to move in.

5 to be exact.
Cute except we just planted a mini garden.

Kids wanted me to name one . . . I said, "Garden Thief"
Maybe now would be a good time to read "The Tale Of Peter Rabbit" to them.
It entertained them for awhile today; chasing them, catching them, squealing with delight. 

They really want to keep them.
For a few days ok.
Forever . . . not so sure.
Tatum was the first to get the carrots. 
She told the boys, "you bring the bunnies inside and I'll get the carrots ready."
Ok, not happening - all bunnies can stay outside.
I know I'm such a lame momma.
We did (Jason did) make them a nice little home for the mean time.

I've heard all sorts of crazy things to name them . . . Fuzz  Buzz, Squirmy, Speed Burger, Skippy, and Rosallella???
A tree frog entertained us for awhile too.

I'm feeling like I'm living at a zoo. 


1 comment:

Jodi said...

Just showed this to Avery and she wishes she could find some in her yard. Figures. She says, "they are really cute. I would name one Snoozy." Ok. Enjoy your pets!

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