Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Mom I Am and How I Grow

Question:  Would love to hear more about the mom you are and ways you are growing as a mom.
 My kids say I’m a crazy weird mom.
Right now they say that in a positive way. . . give them a couple years and I’m sure that will change.
It’s true – I am crazy and weird I guess.
I’m the kind of mom that really loves to have all my ducks in a row so that then I can be spontaneous and flexible.
Weird I know, but having that frame work or structure to begin with gives me such freedom to roll with things and be flexible.
I’m the kind of mom that celebrates.
I like to celebrate little things and big things.
I'd like to think I'm a fun mom.
I’m the kind of mom that doesn’t hide my emotions or feelings well.
That can be good and bad.
The good is that my kids see the joys of life; they see passion and in turn I think are fairly passionate little people themselves.
The flip side of that is I have to work hard to filter my thoughts when I’m down / discouraged  / or upset.
My kids have def. seen me blow it but they’ve also seen what it looks like to admit 
I’ve blown it and apologize.
I'm a sarcastic mom. 
Good and bad to that one too I suppose.
I'm a kiss all over my kids mom.
I love being a mom.
It’s brought me more joy than I could have imaged but I think you’d all agree it is the hardest job we’ll ever had.
It’s a job that brings out the best of me and brings out the worst of me.
It’s a job that has had me leaning on God for guidance and strength more than anything else (and we are still only in the early stages of parenting in the big scheme of things).

I think I am always growing as a mom.
I hope I don’t ever stop learning.
Probably the top three things I do to grow as a mom is to . . .

1 == Study my children.
I’m constantly watching them and studying them (individually).
I study how they learn.
I study their love language.
I study their relationships with one another.
I study what they are saying and I study what they aren’t saying.
I grow by studying them because it helps me evaluate what their individual needs are in a variety of areas.
It can also be how I gauge what changes I need to make in myself too. 
These little people teach me a ton.

2== I make growing personally a priority.
I make time to grow spiritually for me.
I make time to grow in my health.
I make time to grow in my marriage.
I don’t see any of those three things as selfish.
Those things directly affect my mothering.

3==I read and I ask questions.
I like to read.
A good parenting book can give me all the motivation I need to tackle a stage of parenting.
I talk to other moms.
I ask questions about what has worked for them.
I observe moms that have gone before me in a stage.
I take what I read and what I hear and I see how it fits within our family.

What do you do to grow as a mom?


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