Friday, February 4, 2011

Normal day needs a goal !

My January was insane.
Insanely good but insane.
I'm one for goals.
So in Feb. I'm setting some goals.
The goals involve these things . . .
. . . loving . . . my camera . . . organizing. . . sweating . . . feeling creative . . .  
I'm starting today.
It's not a real exciting day.
Just a day with to much to do really but I will pick up my camera and try to think creatively.
Check back and I will post FIVE pics I have taken today.
Why five?
It's Friday's Five of course!
This will make me do it.
Pressure's on!
Happy Friday!
Come back now ya hear?

It's almost 6:30.
Here's the five pics from my day!

Friday's Five: Five Pics from Friday

 Pink boots and a sparkly purse . . . I love my shopping buddy! We were on a mission for a cute gift for that cute baby boy from yesterday's post.  We scored and found it!

 A little Self Portrait at the start of my day.

Power Snack

This is a place I've come to love and hate in life.  It makes the other people that are usually with me happy so I guess it makes me happy. Hmmm.
When we walked in today Tatum said, "Oh they put some beautiful things up for Valentines."
Made me laugh.

The girl asked for my name. 
I said Nicole.
She repeated "Nicole" and wrote it like I've never seen before - the letters were all there - just out of order.
Made me smile - that'll work - though I have no idea how to pronounce this.

Happy Friday!


1 comment:

Hayley said...

1) Love your Christmas card (been meaning to tell you that for awhile)
2) Love your new blog name/look
3) Whose baby is that?!? So cute.
4) Glad your women's retreat went well.

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