Monday, December 27, 2010


We've been celebrating for days.
Celebrated for 3 days with my family.
We drove home on Christmas Day night and celebrated all day on the 26th - just our family.
It was all good.
Still more celebrating later in the week.
Kids said it was "the best Christmas Ever."
Funny - it was good but I wonder what made it THE BEST one? Hmm.
We spent ALL day in pjs yesterday as a family.
Sort of funny because we had a really nice lunch -- we were all in pjs eating salmon and shrimp and drinking nice drinks.
We didn't unpack a bag, make a bed or pick up much at all.
You get the picture of what this place looked like.
So today was "get it back together" day.
I've survived it (quite well) with good ol' fashion bribing.
I told the kids at the beginning of the day I had a proposition for them.
After explaining what "proposition means" I told them my plan.
They play.
I start tackling all the "to do" things.
As I have something they can do to help me I'll ask them.
Each job they do they get a point.
15 points = a surprise at the end of the day.
So far everyone is at 12 points.
Currently everyone is reading/resting on there beds for awhile to earn a point.
I needed a break from the "to do" stuff.
We've got a couple more things to do before I can trash the list.
It's actually worked well.

Now for the photos. . . .

Christmas with the Glanzers

This Christmas was filled with lots of little ones.
Cute little ones.
These two are both Grammy lovers and kept an eye out for who had Grammy.
Every kid in this family has been a Grammy lover. 

 CUTENESS ! ! ! 

 Lego Time 
The boys are still in love with legos.
They worked on there sets right away.
This was a great activity for "nap time".
It was almost comical trying to keep a house of 15 people quiet for the various needed naps.
Jason even got to help for awhile with the lego sets.
This makes his day because he is rarely "needed" to complete sets anymore.

The girls stayed busy with tea parties and girl time.

 The girls were dancing to "Wild Thing" in Gramps' office.
I heard Tatum tell Avery, "We're Gramps' wild things!"

7:00 Wake up Mom and Dad
7:03 Presents have been placed in piles for each person.
7:05 Mom and Dad out of bed.
7:10 Present Opening Begins

 The kids drew names.
Then they each bought for one sibling.
They LOVE this.
They are always so excited for the person who they bought the gift for to open it.
Thankfulness oozes.
Makes a momma happy.

 Pillow Pets were a hit this year.
Tatum got hers for her birthday and the twins have been wanting one I think all year.
We found a Dino one for Carter which was a huge hit.

Ian didn't draw Tatum's name but on the last day of school his teacher had "half price" 
shopping in the classroom. 
He used points he earned in school to buy something for Tatum.
Isn't it sweet?
He told her she would like it more as she got older. :))
We told her she could put it in her room to welcome her friends.
She was one proud sister.

Our kids never disappoint in showing their excitement!

Ian got a ds game . . . have you ever seen a boy play like this?
His gifts sort of made him seem more grown up to me this year.

 Little art project for the afternoon.

Couple More Pics of the Kids 
on Christmas Eve

This pic cracks me up . . . such personality!
(Carter is wearing Night Goggles)

What are they doing?

Good Celebrating
More To Come


Hayley said...

So great to see photos of the whole family. Molly got the ladybug pillow pet from my grandparents. I love it!

Kimberlee said...

I loved seeing your entire family, too. There is nothing sweeter at Christmastime than big get togethers. :)

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