Thursday, December 9, 2010

31 Bits Party!!

This week I cleaned my house and invited many of you over for some 31 BITS JEWELRY SHOPPING!

It was so fun.
The colors are amazing - the designs are awesome - and the cause tops it all.
The jewelry is from 31Bits.
It is all made by women in Northern Uganda.
Check out the site.
For those of you that came --  thank you for shopping!
It was so fun "shopping" with you!
I have over $1000 to send back to these women.
I hope you will think of them as you wear your beautiful pieces.

I still have pieces left.
Here are a few that are left.
Please buy them or I might purchase 10 more for myself. :))

If you are interested in coming to see it let me know.
They make GREAT gifts. 
I have many bracelets left too - great stocking stuffers.
You get a postcard with your purchase and you can then look up online the lady from Uganda that designed your actual piece.  You can then read their story.
One lady that came to the party bought bracelets for all her granddaughters and she is going to type up the story that goes with each piece for them.
Isn't that neat?
I thought about taking an old suit coat of Jason's and pinning all the left over pieces inside of the jacket and then wearing it around town.
Decided not to. HA!
If you don't live close by check out their website and you can order direct from them instead of dealing with shipping costs with me.
When you buy at a party their is no shipping and no tax. It's all figured in.
You pick the piece and take it right away!
You can easily host your own party too - check that out at the site also.
It's EASY.
Tell them how many people you will invite. They send a box so full of color you will be in awe. Host the party. What doesn't sell you send back.  You get to pick one piece for free. That's it. Simple.

I can't end this post without telling you how comical the events were leading up to this event.
I was very excited to host this party.
I loved the cause.
It's something simple that I can do.
I cleaned my house and as I finished cleaning the last bathroom it happened.
It started to overflow and we realized that the little drain problems we had been having in the house were now a big problem.
This was on Monday (late in the day).
First round of shoppers were coming at 2:00 on Tuesday.
No bathrooms were functioning from that point on.
No toilets - no showers.
Jason began digging to find the tank outside.
He dug till 11pm.
Next morning . . . 3 plumbers called.
None available.
My man, my great brother in law, and father in law all were on the job.
I was fighting an irritating attitude.
Seriously the one time I invite 50 women over we have to have serious plumbing problems??
I was picturing women shopping for jewelry with a cup of cider in their hand, a little back ground Christmas music going all while having the lingering smell of "toilet problems" in my house and men trudging through my house with gloves on that were covered in things we don't want to mention.
I found this all very ironic.
On one hand I felt like Satan was having a great time throwing many obstacles at me.
(There were other obstacles but this seemed to be the biggest.)
On the flip side I think God was smiling saying, "You really want to help some women that have completely different circumstances than you? That's great. Maybe you should relate with them on their reality (Just a tiny fraction of it.). They don't have running water. They don't have a separate room in their house for the bathroom. They don't have a mother in laws house to go to to take a shower before hosting a party. They don't have their own shower for that matter. They don't host parties. "
The bathroom problem was cleared up by 12:30 and bathrooms re cleaned by 1:00 for guests to come at 2 --- and guess what ?
I should have made everyone go potty before leaving! :))
For you girls that came shopping - there's the behind the scene look at the boutique you just purchased from.
You were spared seeing the "blue gloves" guys walking through the house while you shopped!!


Jodi said...

Nicole, we have brought several of these pieces home with us from Uganda each time we have gone. They are so fun and colorful and everyone has loved them. They make great gifts. Thanks for supportinga a cause that is close to my heart!

Susan F said...

Nicole, would love to purchase some of this jewelery. Sara gave Amanda a piece for her birthday and it is beautiful. Tell me how and when we can make this happen.

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