Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ten on Ten : November

Ten on Ten

Take a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month. Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments. Then share your beauty with us! Join in on the TEN on TEN blog.

No frills kind of day.

Morning Breakfast - One kid making a silly face at his crazy mom taking a picture of the oh so exciting bowl of cereal.  Yes that is healthy Fruity Pebbles I'm feeding my child.  Only the best for my kid. :))

Two boys that look like they are in a real hurry for the bus that just pulled up for them. They were content to watch their brother make his last basketball shot instead of acknowledge that the bus just pulled up.

Time for exercise . . . my sidekick girl and I started our morning with Jazzercise.
Here's a plug for Jazzercise . . .they are offering $50 for unlimited classes for the rest of 2010 with no joining fee. I don't know if that's just the center I go to or nationally.

Few minutes checking emails/blogs/etc.

Sidekick girl was in for a treat . . . ..lunch while watching a show! She was more than thrilled.

This is where I spent 5 or more hours today.
It was a task oriented day.
I was pouring over details for an upcoming event.
If you live in the area here's a SAVE THE DATE for you:

Loving Well Community Women's Retreat
January 28-29, 2011 - Lied Lodge - Nebraska City
(Beth Moore DVD Series)
Watch for details coming soon!
You won't want to miss it, it's gonna be awesome!

Everyone is happy to have a friend over after school.

My hair stylist fixed my hair.
I told her it hurt and she said, "That's how I have to do it."

Go Fish with Carter.
He won.

Driving to church tonight.
Not sure I'm ok with this sun going down earlier thing but we'll find a new rhythm eventually.

That's my no frills day!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Go Fish was one of my favorites and I'm sure I made more than one person play way more hands than they ever wanted to! Hooray for Go Fish!!

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