Thursday, November 18, 2010

Only the Beginning

Just a funny story . . .
I'm a multi-tasker.
My brain is almost always thinking of several things at once.

Last week I got the boys up for school and had a head full of things to remember.
It was show and tell day for the twins.
It was basket ball practice that evening for Ian so I wanted him to know that.
All the boys were going to an art workshop after school and that means walking the twins through the changes for after school pick up.
Some wanted lunches made, others wanted to buy school lunch.
Some mayo. Some mustard.
There might have been a book order due that day too - now I forget.
Anyways it was the usual morning routine.
Jason and I functioning as a team - his night owl self in slow mo doing one or two focused things for the boys and me jumping from one thing to the next usually looking like I had several cups of coffee.
Do not take that as a negative about my man -- on mornings when he isn't there for those tasks it's very noticeable.
His morning slow mo is a steady help to me and I wouldn't even be functioning after the lack of sleep this guy gets these days.
It's actually one of my cherished pictures of our marriage.
Both of us working together as parents - true teamwork in life.

Back to the story.
The bus pulls up.
Rush for coats, back packs, good byes and off they go.
Ian's the last one out.
Then I remember.
I, in my pj pants barefoot go rushing out the door calling for Ian.
He doesn't hear me and starts getting on the bus.
I call two more times for him as I come out onto the driveway.
The bus driver notices the crazy lady on the driveway and tells Ian I wanted him.
He comes to me - we are now in the middle of the driveway for all the onlooking bus riders to check out my plaid pants.
I was predicting that Ian was going to be frustrated with what I had to tell him so I tried to calming say it in hopes that he'd just go with the flow.
I said, "Ian I totally forgot. Today is Thursday and it's your show and tell day. Can you just show the book you have in your bag?"
My 8 year old boy grins real big and has a look on his face that seems to say, "How do I break this to her nicely?"
He leaned close to me and said, "Mom show and tell was on Thursdays in second grade. We don't have show and tell in third grade."
To which I replied, "Oh."
We both ran our separate ways.
What the heck?
It's only 3 months into the school year and he's right - he hasn't taken show and tell once.
I came inside laughing my head off.
I wonder what Ian said when he got back on the bus, "She's losing it."
Where did that thought come from?
All I could think about when it hit me that I had forgotten was . . . crap, I forgot and he's going to be frustrated when it dawns on him at school.
I know things happen all day at school, we don't get to sit by the friend we want, someone isn't nice, we get tired,  teachers aren't always nice (sorry, it's true - teachers have bad days too), things don't make sense, we get sick of sitting .  . . whatever.
So other than making sure everyone is dressed, eats, and brushes their teeth each morning I have one other goal . . . send them off with what little I can that will help there day go well.
I can't do much else for them once they head out to the bus.
So this particular morning I guess my brain was on overload trying to remember who needed what.
Hope the bus driver and kids enjoyed the morning entertainment at this crazy house.
My brain doesn't even know what is coming it's way when all four kids are in middle school and high school does it??
This is only the beginning.

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