Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Thing to Be Thankful For

I'm sure you are all thinking of things you are thankful for this week.
I have a new one.
I'm thankful I had a c-section with the twins.
THE QUESTION came up the other night at bedtime in the boys room.
The typical answer (I went to the Dr. and he got you out.) didn't work this time.
I think the exact response was, "No. I mean HOW did He get us out?"
Let's just say c-sections are SO much easier to explain.
Jason conveniently said he needed to take a shower. 
Smart guy.
Coleson wanted to know if our bodies were full of blood?
Then how did we breath?
That lead to me explaining the womb.
I told them it said in the bible "I knit you together in your mother's womb."
Knit? What's that?
What's a womb?
Carter's reply to it all was the best.
He said, "Girls are NOT lucky."
I told him I felt very lucky to have God use my body as a place to knit you.
That was a different thought for him.
We covered things like what kind of knife it was that the doctors used.
Did I feel anything?
How did we breathe in there?
How did they fix your cut?
It was the whole thing.
They remembered visiting my sister in law in the hospital after my niece was born. 
I didn't realize it but that was the only time they'd been to see a newborn in the hospital.
It clicked and they realized that Aunt Chrissy was there to heal.
With two coming at me with questions it seemed like they were thinking of more things.
What one didn't think of the other did.
Again - so thankful for having a c-section.
Ian was on his bed taking this all in.
He asked a thing or two and chimed in with explaining the things he understood to the twins but then at the end he said, "So if Carter and Coleson were born that way how was I born?"
My response, "That is a whole different story for a different day."
Everyone was good with that answer.
Lights out.


Jenny said...

Hilarious...thanks for the card....miss you...Happy Thanksgiving!!

Kimberlee said...

Completely teary...God knew about this conversation before the beginning of the world. And I love that!

Get thee ready for Ian's story! It will be sooner rather than later...your turn to run to the shower and let Jason explain that one!

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