Monday, November 15, 2010


I recently read this book.

It's one you cry from the time you read the book dedications till you close the book.
Just warning you.
It touches your heart on many different levels.
Her husband is Christian song writer, Stephen Curtis Chapman.
They lost a child to an accident in 2008.
The story is about this accident and about so much more.
She is very candid with her emotions and the life she has walked.
I came to respect her and their family so much in reading their story.

I read the book rather quick.
It's that kind of read.
This quote will be with me for awhile now I'm sure.

"May be always be found willing to do what He is asking of us. I'm pretty sure His voice usually isn't loud and clear . . . so get quiet and really listen to that still, small voice. Things might get risky and crazy and break your heart at times but it is all worth it."

I gotta ask.
What is He asking of you?
Are you willing?

1 comment:

danielle @ take heart said...

thanks for sharing this, i can't wait to read it.

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