Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Last Day Ramblings

Last Day
Last Day
Last Day
Last Day until my man gets home!
He's been gone for 9 days for seminary classes in Portland.
We've missed him!!
The thing that makes it all worth it is knowing he's there taking steps for our future.
He's rubbing shoulders with amazing guys in ministry and he's processing to the point of exhaustion I'm sure.
But it's time for him to come back home!
We sort of like the guy.
The kids are ready - two of them woke up today thinking today was the morning they'd wake up and he'd be here.
All I had to offer them was me . . .  and pancakes.
I must say, it's gotten easier to handle him gone now that the kids are older.
Those years when it was infant, 2, 2, and 4 were insane.
With most of them in school now I had some time during the day to "regroup".
We had our rough moments with him gone but we managed ok.
The critters seem to have his seminary calendar.
Last year it was a raccoon I think.
This year we had a decapitated mouse (maybe rat) out in the yard.
I finally got the courage to scoop each piece up with a shovel and catapulted that thing out into the field.
My catapult wasn't the best but at least we aren't looking at him.
Tatum also about stepped on a grass snake while running to the swing set.
Seriously critters - could you just wait till we have a man around to fight you?
I'm still a city girl at heart.
When he's gone I am always reminded to pray for my single momma friends.
You ladies ROCK!!!
I stay up so late when he's gone.
Wait, I do that when he's here too.
I've gotta work on that.
We're tired but just knowing he's about to board a plane gives me energy.
I've said it a hundred times in my life but my man makes me a better momma!!!
Can't wait to see you Jas.

Here's the old photos I was going to post last Friday.
Figured out the blogger picture problem.
I was out of storage space.
Didn't know that could happen.
For $5 I'm set for a year.
I can handle that.
Enjoy the blast from our past.

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