Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Saying Goodbye

I'm saying good bye to summer (even though we have 9 more days till Fall technically begins).
At the top of my blog I have had a link to "Picture Summer".
It was a photography workshop I took during July.
You got a photo tip and prompt in your email box each day.
Today I'm posting the pics from my class and then the link will be gone.
It was a really enjoyable workshop.
You can participate in "Picture Fall" here.
It's a great way to experiment with photography, gain some tips and tap into your creative side.
Enjoy reliving my summer!!

30 days of Splashy Seasonal Celebration.


Picture Prompt: A Symbol of Summer
(Freckles & Sun Kissed Hair)

Picture Prompt: Splashy/Ultimate Cooldown

July 3
Picture Prompt: Getting Centered/Symmetry/Place your subject in the center of the frame

July 4
Picture Prompt:  Summer Traditions

July 5
Picture Prompt: Tall Drink of Water/Drink of Choice

July 6
Picture Prompt:  Wide Open Spaces

July 7
Picture Prompt: So Subtle - Notice the subtle colors of summer.

July 8
Picture Prompt: Treasure Hunters

July 9
Picture Prompt: The Shape of Things - Shapes of Summer

July 10
Picture Prompt: Making Memories

July 11
Picture Prompt:  Treat Yourself

July 12
Picture Prompt: Simple Solitude

July 13
Picture Prompt: Juicy Fruit

July 14
Picture Prompt: Summer Breeze

July 15
Picture Prompt: Postcard

July 16
Picture Prompt: Friday Lights

July 17
Picture Prompt:  Visual Interest

July 18
Picture Prompt:  Playtime

July 19
Picture Prompt:  Jump Shot

July 20
Picture Prompt:When Orders In Order - Patterns/Lines/Repeating Shapes

* * * (From this point on I lost track . . . I dated the pictures to keep with the project but my pictures were not taken on these days. I found pics in my archives over the summer months that went with the theme of the day.   I guess 20 days of staying on track is pretty good.) * * * 

July 21
Picture Prompt: Spacey - Lots of Space

July 22
Picture Prompt: Girl Put Your Record On (Pick a picture to symbolize some summer lyrics you've been listening too.)

"Everybody" by Ingrid Michaelson
"Everybody Everybody Wants to Love.
Everybody Everybody Wants to be Loved."

July 23
Picture Prompt:  Life is But a Dream - Water Imagery

July 24
Picture Prompt:  Larger Than Life - Shadow Self Portrait

July 25
Picture Prompt:  The Magic Number - Sequence of 3 pics

July 26
Picture Prompt:  Silhouttes of Summer

July 27
Picture Prompt:  Giggles

July 28
Picture Prompt:  Summer Nights

July 29
Picture Prompt:  Barefootin'

July 30
Picture Prompt:  Endless Summer - Sunset

July 31
Picture Prompt:  Decorate Summer

Summer 2010 was a great summer!!


Kimberlee said...

You have got serious photography skills. Beautiful, colorful shots! I wish it were the middle of July today!

Sweet Pea said...

Awesome photos!!!

Cale and Kim said...

great photos nicole! i love them!!!

Miss G said...

I came over from ten on ten.

These are some good shots. I'm *very* impressed you kept up for 20 days! The way you arranged the two forks in treat yourself adds great visual interest. I also really like the solitude shot and the hot dogs grilling. Very nice. Kelly

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