Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Slush, Gonna Do This and Other Things

The Countdown is ON.
Can't stop it!
6 days till that big yellow bus comes to my house and takes off with my boys!

We're gonna live it up till the alarm goes off on that morning.
This week I made some SUMMER SLUSH!
My mom used to make it for us in the summer and I stumbled on the recipe when I was looking for something else.
I was almost giddy to make it.
I took one bite, shut my eyes, and told the kids when I taste this I can almost feel myself sitting on the hot Houston cement at 5510 #@**#@^ street next to my brother eating slush! Oh so good!
Make yourself some!

1/2 cup sugar
1 package flavored gelatin (any flavor - we used strawberry banana)
3/4 cup boiling water
3 cups pineapple juice
1/4 cup any kind of frozen fruit

Boil the water and combine sugar, gelatin and water. Stir until it's all dissolved.
Pour in the Pineapple Juice and fruit.
Freeze for 24 hours.
Scoop out into cups and enjoy!

I didn't do the fruit because I didn't remember any fruit pieces in the one my mom made.
I'd double or triple this recipe. 
It works good in a gallon ice cream bucket.

A friend of mine did this yesterday on her blog. She got the idea from here. I'm SO doing this next month - unless of course I forget by then. Love the idea.  It goes so well with my thinking over the last year of my life . . . finding the goodness in the ordinary.

I'm also warning you that I have a list, yes I wrote it out, of all the projects I want to start ticking away at when my precious twins leave me for the school year.  And yes many of them involve paint. I've had the painting bug for awhile. I need to create and I need some color!!!

We  are  Jason is currently painting the house - little each day - and Carter came up to him this week and asked a very good question, "Daddy why don't we leave anything white?"

Last night I took the twins on their "I'm going to kindergarten school shopping/date".  I did it with Ian before he went to kindergarten.  It was fun, different with two but still fun.  I somehow managed to work things so they didn't choose McDonald's!  They each picked a cheapo toy out at the store so then they said, "Now we don't have to eat somewhere that gives us a toy."  Good thinking guys!

Whenever they want to do silly pics I always stick my tongue out.  
What's up with that? Can't I think of anything else to do? Weird.

That's it for today.

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Kimberlee said...

Yes I have read Cold Tangerines! LOVED it.

And I'm totally doing ten on ten again. I'll try to post a reminder...if I remember!

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