Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Reversed Roles

I guess I've grown up.
When I was in Jr. High and High school I flew to my aunts house to help babysit my cousin.
Last week my cousin came to MY house to help babysit MY tribe of kids.
I think she had the harder job.
The kids LOVED having her here.
I LOVED having her here.
She even brought Dr. Pepper Popsicles for me - that was extra points from the start!

When you have four kids and they are all so close in age it's so great to have extra hands.

We had a BLOODY foot injury entering a store one day - no problem - she took care of the other kids and I was able to care for the wounded without stress.
We had a discipline problem at the pool - no problem - she kept swimming with the other kids and I was able to hold to my guns with this
 particular child instead of caving because of the needs of the rest of the family.
We were able to go to a huge park that I wouldn't ever take my kids too without an extra set of eyes!
After typing all this I'm thinking maybe Kendra could just put college on hold and come move in with us!!
Sound good Kendra?
Thanks for coming Kendra - we all love ya!!

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