Saturday, June 12, 2010


Everything is fun at least once, right?
Well, most things - obviously us moms are thinking of all the things we don't want our kids to do even once.
Last weekend we went to the races.
I'd never been - the boys and Jas went a time or two last year.
I think racing in this area is like rodeos in Texas - you need to at least go to ONE!
I went because I was thinking everything is fun once.
I went because no matter what the event, I love time with my family.
I went because I knew the boys loved it.
It was fun.
Not what I'd want to do often but I might go again.
You get to wear cool ear plugs.
You get to hear loud cars.
You get to eat popcorn.
You get to people watch.
You get to carrying sleeping children straight to bed when you get home.
You get to watch your kids enjoy an evening.
And if you let yourself you can get into it and cheer for a certain car too.

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