Friday, June 4, 2010


The celebrating of our 8 year old just kept going this week.
Celebration one with extended family!

Celebration two . . . the actual day . . . traditional donut birthday breakfast, McDonald's with just the kids and I (too bad they are giving out a dumb toy right now) , and root beer floats after his ball game. 

Celebration three . . . this was the birthday year we don't do a party we go do something as a family and invite one or two friends to come along. . . . we got suckered into three friends and with our group of 6 already let's just call it what it is . . . a party!
We all went to play laser tag.
The place was awesome, since they didn't have anyone using their party room I got to bring the cake and stuff and use there room for FREE.
Can you say party package without the party package price???!!!
It was fun for all - the twins and Tatum even got to play one game.  I wore the pack and Tatum carried around the gun shooting.
Jas and I have played Laser Tag countless times over our youth ministry years and I'm telling you, it is fun! It would be a great group date night!

Love the sweaty hair spike!

We're done partying now! ! !
Time to exercise off all the celebrating cake!

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