Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekly Prayer

This is a prayer I say several times a week.

"Help me find that lego piece?"

Anyone else say that prayer?

Can you see which boy spelled his name?

We have THOUSANDS of pieces.
The boys always know exactly WHICH PIECE they are needing for their creation.
It could take HOURS to find the specific piece.
We have very few original sets kept together.
They like to mix most of them up after awhile so they can create their own creation.
It amazes me that in the thousands of pieces in the lego table we usually find "the piece" and usually we find it quite swiftly!!
Thank you for answered prayers!

1 comment:

Amy J said...

Hi Nic! I was poking around your blog and thought you all looked familiar :) Saw that your last name was Quiring and finally saw the picture of your whole family (Jules sealed the deal)...aw yes, I do know them! I grew up in Hillsboro and went to TC... Enjoyed reading your blog, especially the page about you and your description of our freedom in Christ. Blessings-

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