Monday, April 26, 2010

That Girl!

Tatum and I have this little dialouge we say almost every day at some point.
It just sort of evolved.
It goes like this.

Me:          You crack me up.
Tatum:     No you cwack me up.
Me:          We crack each other up.
Tatum:     We cwack ourselves up.
Then we laugh!
It's so true! We do crack ourselves up.

She cracks me up with the outfits she comes out in.
Everytime I turn around the girl is in something different.
She gets on a leotard/dance kick for days and then switches to a swim suit trend.  
The headbands, tights, hats, shoes, oh my!!!
She's REALLY into skirts so I've boughten several $5 skirts that she can wear like shorts all summer.
Just today when she wanted to get dressed I got out a pair of capris and she looked at me and said, "Not that! (with an exasperated voice) I want to wear a skurt."

She may crack me up but she also exhausts me!
She's a wired one, full of so much passion - oh how I love her!

I just want to bottle up her little voice and all the things she says.
She's in constant communication, whether it's to me, her brothers, or just outloud in "pretend world".
This weekend I found a spot she had written on the wall and while I was washing it off I asked her when she did this and she said in a very serious voice, "On Thursday, (sigh) at my party!"
What party?
You don't even know what day it is!
She just imagines all sorts of things and then starts talking!!
I can't even count how many times a day she's talking and Jason and I share a glance as if to say, "What is she talking about?" We have to hold in the laughter. The boys are swapping glances sometimes too when she's talking. It's hilarious.  It's such a three year old thing and I don't want it to end. (There are plenty of three year old issues I wish would end but not this one! I love the thought processes at this age.)
The other day she said, "I'm SOOO tired."
I said, "You had a long day didn't you? Was it a good day?"
She said, "No", sounding very tired.
I asked why and she said, "Cause it's not Spring."
Again, WHAT?
It actually was a very beautiful spring day.
I think she has also decided it's her job to keep me beautiful . . . she loves to point out my flaws.
Here's a few lines I've heard from her in the last weeks.
     "Mommy you have thorns on your legs." - That would be hair!
      "You have a mustache ya know?" - WHAT?? Where? She nicely pointed out any facial hair she
      could find.  I know it's dumb but that night I did a closer look in the mirror and touched up my face.   
      The next day when we were cuddling again I said, "Look, I don't have a mustache anymore." She
       said, "Oh yeah, you don't." She looked longer and closer and then said, "Oh (sigh) you still do." I
      think I'm done cuddling with her for awhile, or at least until I've put on my makeup for the day. HA!

      "Mommy are those Grandma's shoes?" - I was wearing the shoes and NO they weren't Grandma's 
      shoes. No offense Grandma, you wear great shoes but I don't know what this girl was getting at.
      They were Nike's and my sister in law in TX has the same pair.

Oh girl how I love YOU!!!!
You do CRACK ME UP!!! - In all sorts of ways!!!

1 comment:

Hayley said...

Adorable and hysterical!
I wish I could have been at her party on Thursday. We would have had a blast! :)

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