Thursday, March 25, 2010

Seasonal Preschool Activity

After that last post I need something lighter.
Here's a simple seasonal preschool activity idea to do with your kiddos at home.
Carter, Coleson, Tatum and I did this activity today and they loved it.
All you need are plastic easter eggs and a permanent marker.
Write a capital letter on each egg.
I did a pattern with the colors too.

Hide the eggs.
Let them find them.
Then together put them in ABC order.
My three loved it.

The first time we did it we sang the abc song each time to figure out what letter we were looking for and then the kids took turns finding that letter out of the bunch.
The second time the twins each figured out which letter came next in order by themselves.
When it was Tatum's turn (she's 3) to find the right letter, we told her what color she was looking for and what row it was in.  It was just process of elimination for her but she was practicing colors and 1st row, 2nd row or whatever.

You could do so many things with this.
Write lowercase letters on the back of the eggs in a different color.
You could do numbers to 50.
If your child is a reader write out a sentence with one word on each egg and have them unscramble the sentence.
You could practice the weeks spelling words this way too.
If you memorize scripture with your kids you could write out a verse and unscramble it.
Tons of possibilities.
Just beware . . . all afternoon while the twins were at school Tatum kept saying, "Let's play Easter."
Happy Egg Hunting!

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