Monday, January 25, 2010

New Hobby

Last week I took up a new hobby!

Couldn't go anywhere without the fun of muddin'!
You know all those snow pics from weeks ago?
That snow had to melt.
And we got RAIN last week.
It's SOO messy and scary to drive on.
Worse than the snow and ice I think.
Many places still have walls of snow/ice 4-6 feet and then just ruts and mud in between them.

The vehicles are so messy you have to throw your kids in so they don't touch the sides.
Sort of pointless, but we even washed them in the mist of it all.
Melissa W., your man wouldn't have even make it to his destination, he'd be having a blast.
Today it was so cold again the road stayed hard, no muddin today.

I've been driving the truck b/c of it's 4 wheel drive.
I've probably traumatized my children.
I'm always saying ,"Hang on!"  "Oh no!"

While going through a terrible spot Ian said, "I wish we could stop so we could get out and play!"
I had to laugh because they obviously take after their mom and dad.

(picture of a picture)
This was during our dating years.
Over 12 years ago.
We came up to Nebraska to visit and they had just had lots of rain.
We spent hours spraying mud at each other.
Good times!

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Monica said...

I love to go mudding....I love the pics!! It has been so long since I have been on my blog, or anyone elses'. I was just asking Nicole M. if she had gotten anything from you lately...I have missed you too!! I will definetly be keeping the blog up now and checking in on you guys!! Love and Miss ya, Monica

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