Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Turn to Need Water

With the last two posts of mine being about WATER I found it ironic that for the last hour or so I've been WITHOUT water. I turned on the sink and it sputtered and then quit! I know it doesn't COMPARE to the water crisis in South Africa, not even close,  but it made me think.  What do you do when you have honey and bread and then you are sticky? How do you wipe the counter with a dry dish rag? (WET ONES, we still have those in the house!) I was just about to make plans to leave the house for awhile when it came back on so we're all good but it was interesting after giving other's water to then do without for just a little bit.  How different our worlds are? How different our needs are? How different our options for solutions are?  Something to think about.

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