Friday, October 2, 2009

Windy Day

It is windy today.
It is REALLY WINDY today!!!
The midwest has many great qualities but WIND is NOT one of them!!
I hate the wind.
(I've been saying "I don't like the wind" b/c we don't say the word "hate", it gets carried over into conversations with sibilings and such.)
But I want to tell someone today that I HATE the wind.
To be honest the wind just makes it difficult for me to be in a good mood.
It's like something is constantly smashing your body.
I have a wound from the truck door hitting the back of my leg as I was trying to buckle in a kid last Sunday.
It could be worse . . .

What makes this picture the most hilarious is what's in the background  . . . . a school bus!
(The picture is of Sarah Jessica Parker so we shouldn't feel too bad for her.)
The kids and I just looked out the window and two unique birds, I don't even know what kind they were, were sitting in the middle of our grass.
They were their a LONG time.
I'm assuming it's just too windy for them to fly.
To much work.
They had to take a seat.
Sounds like me on a windy day; let's just cancel the day and take a seat.
To ease my "dislike" for the wind I made myself a drink.
Apple Cider, heat is up, dump in carmel topping!!
I've been watching the people at Starbucks make this drink for me and one day I caught them!!!
Store bought apple cider with couple squirts of carmel . . . I looked at Jason and said, "I CAN DO THAT!"
So today I did.
I made it in my favorite mug from one of my favorite girls in the world!

Miss you friend!!

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