Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Tatum!

Happy Birthday Tatum!
 I love you to pieces!
Can it be three years ago you came into our life and added
into our family???

Daddy is out of town today on her actual day of birth so we
celebrated last weekend with a Strawberry Shortcake party with all the cousins and family
that live here in Nebraska.
 Plan A was a party at the park . .  weather sent us to plan B . . . a party at Grandmas! 
We had a good time!
Tatum kept telling me "her girls" would be at her party.
I knew she was talking about Nanna, Lilly, Tabitha, Sophie, and Izzie from Utah!
My heart was sad knowing are neighbor girls wouldn't be coming over to party!
Thankfully her girl cousins stepped up and made her day.
She ADORES them!
Tatum had a great celebration!!

We celebrated a little more today!
How many times can a girl blow out candles??
One .  . Donuts on the day we celebrated with Daddy. (That's the tradtional birthday breakfast here.)
Two . . . Cupcakes at the party
Three . . . Muffins this morning
Four . . . Strawberry Pie this evening

We took some pics outside today  . . . I'll post those later!
It was windy but we got some neat shots.
I do think the birthday girl has finally caught what we've all had for the last 6 days!!
It's been a sick house around here and when we tried to take her out for dinner tonight, we didn't make it to the resturaunt. She was in tears saying she didn't feel good and wanted to go home.
Plan B (again) - we drove through Burger King and came on home!!


Becca said...

Happy Birthday Tatum! Great pics mommy!

meg duerksen said...

love the shirt!!!
happy birthday tatum. what a special day she had. love all the pink!

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday Tatum! Lily wishes she could have been there to celebrate! Lily loved looking at the pictures with me and kept saying "pretty". Missing you guys!

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