Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What's worse than packing and unpacking??

The last two days have been exhausting . . . . When you decide to move out of state you automatically know packing and unpacking will consume your time but really those things can be accomplished . . . . the worst part of moving is all the details with bills, bank accounts, phone services, etc. Everyone needs your new address and all your automatic withdrawals have to be changed. We got to add to that lovely list finding new health insurance! Nothing is easy . . . they have to make everything difficult. Every task turns into 5 more tasks.

I've been working on it but yesterday morning I really tackled it. Thankfully I had a lovely break in between . . . . lunch with my sister in laws - without kids . . . Christine and Lisa you two really have been a bright spot amongst all the change in my life right now! It was fun to get together!! As soon as I got home it was back to work. I sort of had a freak out session by night time and felt so overwhelmed with it all. God must have seen my breaking point because he sent a nice rain storm through the night leaving Jason home in the morning to tackle it with me. We had three phones going!

The REAL FUN is all that goes on "while you are on the phone"! The multi-tasking is unbelievable! Yesterday all four kids played AWESOME together while I worked away. They were in and out and everyone was getting along so I didn't really ever check to see what they were doing. I was so thankful for that but you can only imagine what my house looked like!
Today I had to laugh as I was giving someone my information but with my face I was trying to let Carter know I was serious about him not interrupting me. I had my finger up to show Carter to hold on and I realized I was talking firmly. The person on the other end of the phone probably hasn't ever heard a phone number given to him with such a tone. HA! I watched Jason today discuss car insurance while all three younger ones literally jumped around him on the couch playing Star Wars -- there wasn't much I could do to help because I was talking on the phone too.

I'm tired but so thankful the list is much much shorter!!


Lisa said...

I totally agree. Add to that list finding new doctors, dentist & hair stylist. It's not fun. Good luck getting it all done!

Mandy said...

I hear ya! I usually have a list a mile long of businesses to call to change addresses, account info, ect. It definitely is the worst part of moving for me. I can pack and unpack all day but I hate being stuck on the phone with businesses. We miss you guys - it is way too quite! Evan misses his buddies and I miss socializing with you!

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