Monday, August 10, 2009

Missing you!

What else is there to say . . . we miss you guys!!!

The kids miss their friends!!

Living in the country has many positives for the kids -- great space to play, dirt to dig in, peace and quiet (until a sibling fight breaks out), and daddy working on the yard sometimes BUT when the kids get bored or are tired of their siblings they seem lost at what to do. My normal response was "why don't you go see if so and so can play!" That doesn't work anymore so we'll have to get creative! The kids miss their friends!!! I miss their friends!

I miss my co-workers!!

My co-workers were my neighbor gals who were all doing the same thing as me all day - mothering!! If I stepped outside I was no longer mothering alone, I had my co-workers to chat with! I MISS YOU GIRLS!!!!!

We miss our SMCC friends!!!

We miss you all!!!


Mandy said...

Utah misses you too, especially Evan and his mom!!

Sheri Jones said...

Thanks for a good cry!! Miss you!!

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