Saturday, July 18, 2009

Break Time

The to do list is long around here these days but we needed a break. My neighbor Mandy
and I tried out these fun sponge balls. Mandy and I decided WHILE making them WITH all the kids help that we could have done it quicker if we'd have done it BEFORE we told the kids what we were going to do. They had fun though!
(The idea came from Family Fun Magazine)
Supplies: You need three sponges per ball, string, scissors
Steps: Cut each sponge in 5 stripes.
Layer them in three rows of 5.
Tie the string around them tight.
As you tie the string the ball comes into form.
Let the water fun begin!!

Three Musketeers
The twins will miss Evan so much!! (We all will - we'll miss their entire family.) He's steps away from our house and the boys have really gotten to be good friends. They run back and forth from house to house!

Later they wanted to wash their bikes and needed a bucket for water. Jason gave them the cooler . . . turned into hours of fun. Jason says we have no need for a hot tub now!

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