Monday, May 11, 2009


MONDAY . . . I need this to be a productive day . . . dishes (CHECK), a mile high pile of laundry to fold (NOT CHECKED) . . . while trying to be productive today i keep thinking let's just go back to YESTERDAY!!!

breakfast in bed
handmade cards
lunch at Texas Roadhouse (a favorite for any Texan!)
a super sweet post on my blog by Jason - I wondered what he was doing with my computer?
movie out with Jason after kids went to bed

It's tradition at this house to take a picture with all the kids on Mother's Day and then one with each kid by themselves. ("That's how we do what we do." Anyone know what movie that quote is from? It's a newer kid/family movie.) Today we had squinty sunshine faces but we still got some pics!
Such a big kid Ian!!

My sweet Carter Carter!

My stud Coleson!

Princess Tatum Jule!

Not so princessy!

I loved the messages on my breakfast tray.
Ian's says "Mommy we are priwde of you."
The tray was down to the detail . . . my vitamin and my health shake!

Gift from the kids . . . okay, I saw this on a friends blog and sent the link to Jason promising I'd forget about seeing it . . . isn't it the cutest? I thought I'd help the guy out . . . it was on sale.
Do you see the error??
The lady overlooked I have FOUR children!! Thankfully Tatum didn't know and it can be returned. Thanks Jason, love it!! Love the other gifts too!!!
Like I said, "Let's just go back to yesterday!"

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Monica said...

Too Cute! They are all growing up so fast! The blog yesterday, was so very are a lucky woman to be loved so much by your family and of course by your friends...glad you had a great day!

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