Monday, May 18, 2009

A Tie

This is Carter last Thursday!
The boys found their old ties.
They wore them for Easter in 2006.
Carter wore his ALL morning Thursday.
Ian's school - - -tie on!
Grocery storey --- tie on!
Del Taco for lunch - - - tie on!
To make it even more hilarious he was carrying around a calculator all day too.
So funny.
We did have lots of comments. 2006 TIE BOYS!! This has always been a favorite pic of mine!! Spring colors, ties, untucked shirts, flip flops, and shorts . . . it doesn't get any cuter! The memories come flooding back . . . our house that we loved, family of all boys, I was pregnant and didn't know I was having a girl, and OH SO CUTE boys! I just could squeeze them in this picture!! Good times!


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