Thursday, May 28, 2009


She has spunk!
She has a big heart!
Her new phrase is "my best friend ever" . . . some of you have even been named
her "best friend ever"!
Yesterday I got some great shots of her!
I had 101 things to accomplish on my list but instead we played in the sun and water from noon till 5:00. I think the only thing I crossed off my list was getting rid of my farmer's tan!

Today THAT GIRL is tired! I'm COUNTING the hours till I can put her down for nap!
The twins did a little laying out too. I think they would have stayed out till the sun went
down if I would have let them!! SUMMER IS HERE!!! Carter would not let me get a shot of him but he was hilarious . . . in his bright yellow suit, bright yellow goggles on his head, his camo rain boots, and a water gun! What a sight!

I added this video from a couple weeks ago. Ian's school had a free skate night at a local place and the kids could ride their scooters on the rink. Tatum joined in like she was one of the big kids. Jason and I laughed so hard watching her, she tried to join a group of big girls in the middle. You can hear my "cackle" in the video. For some of you that may make you miss me but for others you may want to turn down the the volume. HA!

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Nicole said...

Oh my goodness, I love your family!

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